On Writing a Memoir, Part I

poets-pen.jpegSo, dear friends, I need your help. I’ve had a book percolating in me for some time now. But I need your help in pulling it out and getting it down. I’m inviting you, my dear readers, to help guide me on this journey.

Many of you have faithfully followed along with my often random, esoteric ramblings, with grace and dedication. I am utterly gratified to be in this with you. Truly.

Of the pieces you’ve read, what has struck you most? Deepest? What are the bits and bobs that have most touched you, made you laugh, or cry, or angry? I mean, the kinds of bits you’d read more of were they to find themselves between covers? So, this is an open invitation to you, my beloved readers, to walk with me toward some as yet undetermined goal of a memoir.

I appreciate you all so much. Your input is invaluable in the discernment process for this little project. Whaddya say? Can ya help a guy out?”



5 thoughts on “On Writing a Memoir, Part I

  1. Rebecca Eims-Hinebaugh

    Real life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The slogging through of life but allowing humor to ease the pain. Humor allows all of us to enter in. Being able to see the realities but realizing we are all in the same boat. Humor helps me to not take life so seriously and when I laugh at your humor it helps us be companions who are just walking each other home. And your poetry, it helps me to see beyond my own walls.

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  2. Reblogged this on Rob's Lit-Bits and commented:

    I’ve posted this to my other blog, innerwoven.me. In case you’re not following me there, I wanted to share here as well. Why? Because I need your help, dear readers! Help me pull the book outta my head and onto “the page.” I appreciate you all!


  3. it’s tough to know where to start as I like all your work. I love the poems that get me thinking and grab me by the hand, your humour which ‘disarms’ me and then ‘wham’ takes me deeper than deep. You write prose with aplomb (but, try a pen next time!).

    I really like your open writing style, your journal-type writing that is so honest, ‘warts and all’ as they say here. I admire you when you’re talking about the tough times in your life, when you ‘fall over’ and get back up, because then I know you’re human (like me). I’m grateful when you embrace ‘thorny’ issues that others might shy away from because then I know you’re living in the real world. I like everything you’re doing, so please, bro, just keep on doing it.

    And, you and Rae have to come back. I’ve realised I learn from you both by osmosis, too! Many blessings, bro, Tadhg.

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    1. You’re such a blessing, Tadhg. Not just to us personally, but to the world. With your loving, winsome presence, and your wonderful writing. Thanks for weighing in!

      And, trust me, we’ll be back as soon as it is feasible to do so!



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