cool blogs

Beauty attracts beauty.

Love attracts love.

Light attracts moths;

and blogs attract bloggers.

If it wasn’t for the blogs I list here and numerous others I don’t, my blog(s) would not exist…at least in their present form. I’m especially grateful to these people for their authentically vulnerable souls, bared for all on the worldwide web. They have given me courage to do similarly.

Abbey of the Arts

Adele Konyndyk: the greater more, the smaller less

Art House America

Buddy Breathing: a blog about hope

CenterQuest (I once was a blogger here)

Conversations Journal (I blog here)

Dan Erickson: an intentional life in words and music

Green Preacher: seeking that which is life giving (Pastor Kent Harrop was once my boss and colleague)

Janet Hanson: holding things up to the light

Malcolm Guite

Meanwhile, Melody Muses…

Seymour Writes

Transpositions: Theology, Imagination and the Arts

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