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Rob May 28-13I am the former Worship Arts Minister at Yakima Covenant Church, a singer-songwriter (see iTunes/Spotify – Robert Alan Rife: “Be That As It May”), multi-instrumentalist, poet and writer (here, here, here, and here). I am a graduate from Spring Arbor University with an M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Leadership.

This blog, and my life, are dedicated to those places where life, liturgy, theology and the arts intersect to promote an authentic spirituality – who we are becoming.

Join me and share a bit about yourself in the process.


19 thoughts on “The who

  1. Hi! I read your fine piece on fear and love in the conversations blog and was immediately attracted to the fact that you are a fellow adoptee. I have had a most interesting journey in that regard, having found my birth mother at the age of 50 – (my age, not hers!). Have you posted stuff about your experiences as an adoptee? Would be very interested in reading! God bless and good blogging!



    1. Sande, I have not written as much as I’d like to on this subject largely because I’m in relationship with my birth Mother and, between that and the fact that my own Mom is a bit skittish about the whole thing, I’m reluctant to produce too much until there is greater stability and trust among all parties involved. I’m sure you understand!

      Thanks for chiming in…R


  2. I totally understand. I did not connect to my birth mother until my adoptive mother had passed away. Perhaps this is a nudge for me to do some writing of my own. I have difficulty getting myself to sit down and devote the quality time I need to write. Something to pray about!!

    thanks for your reply


  3. Robert, we (the Natzke family, of Newberg, Oregon) knew you a wee bit when you were down this way. I play Celtic fiddle some and I think we jammed once. Anyway. I want to tell you that we were traveling to and from Puget Sound yesterday, the kids now 17, 15, and 7, and were arguing over which Cd to play. I got out your “Be that as It May”, which they knew as kids, and we all love it now all over again. (everybody!). You are so gifted. Hope things are going well for you and your own family–God bless.

    Amy NAtzke


  4. krazykiwi

    Kia Ora my “soul friend” (from the ol’ dayz in Kelowna). Hey Rob! what a delight it was to find your poetry online on Abbey of the (quite by happenstance). I still listen to your CD I bought before leaving TBC (whenever I get nostalgic). Besides an obsession with piping, I also love that your writings reflect an obvious Contemplative stance. sounds like God has us on parallel journeys spiritually! Love to hear more about your sojourn — and share with you about mine in Sd and Northumbria community. Many blessings to you and your wonderful family, Rob! Ka kite ano, Alan


  5. krazykiwi

    Thanks for that, Rob. I’ll try to email you a longer note this time. No expectations of any replies, unless you have the time. I read your blog on “perfectionism” and feeling overwhelmed at Advent. and I know what that’s like… not always easy to recover. More later…. Alan


  6. krazykiwi

    Dear brother-in-Christ. I’m really keen to speak to you about things “piping”. I want to begin the journey of learning to pipe, Rob. More than I’ve wanted to learn anything else in my life, to be honest. But for reasons unknown, I prefer the sound of the Smallpipes over the bagpipes. Why, you might ask? Who knows! But I’d love to chat with you about the differences between the makers,,, like I’ve seen McCallum Folk Pipes played, Gibson Ceilidh Pipes, Walsh Blackwood Smallpipes in A, Walsh Retro Smallpipes (both by Henderson’s) — and there are likely others you know about, that I don’t. Can we speak about these things, please Rob? Many thanks and God bless, Alan

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    1. I wrote a personal mission statement a few years ago. I remain uncertain as to whether this is advisable or not, given our penchant toward individualism, but here goes:

      My mission: “To strive, through my life and work to meaningfully communicate God’s beauty and truth.”

      Broad parameters I recognize, but more specifically I seek out those places where life, liturgy, art, and spiritual formation meet. Not bad for a guy with ADD!

      Peace, brother


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