Creative Spirituality Initiative

I’m excited to share with you a new venture which has been emerging and evolving for some time now. It’s the foundation of who I am, the culmination of all I’ve done, the emulation of those I venerate, the expectation of a still-trusting heart, and the progression of my life lived in Christ and community. All of it aimed at pursuing the wholeness and peace of a life lived in recovery. I’m calling it the Creative Recovery Initiative.

In the bio of this website I say the following: “This blog, and my life, are dedicated to those places where life, liturgy, theology, and the arts intersect to promote an authentic spirituality – who we are becoming.” In a nutshell, where truth and beauty converge. Truth, both given and observed expresses itself in us, in one’s spirituality. In my case, a Judeo-Christian spirituality distilled through Celtic-Ignatian-post-Evangelical mysticism – and creativity, the many ways, some inspired, some not so much, I’ve stumbled my way through it.

All of it within the unique context of recovery and healing. 

Now, in a life and ministry centered in Edinburgh, Scotland with Serve Globally, the missions arm of the Evangelical Covenant Church, this new thing acts as a coalescence of sorts; a way of sharing who I am and what I do, both to donors and to interested others. The numerous, seemingly random, collection of ministry pursuits congeal here into a way of inviting people into this life with God. I hope you too find the Way of Jesus as inspiring as I. Together, we can share the many creative ways we spend seeking this Spirit-led life.

Stay tuned for my new Creative Spirituality Initiative Podcast. These will center on any and all topics of interest to the areas herein described – Christian spirituality and the many fun ways we find ourselves there. Will you journey with me?

Thank you and welcome!