Look now, the blessed road

What follows is my latest poetry submission to the Poetry Party #56 at Abbey of the Arts (http://abbeyofthearts.com/). The theme: “In Praise of Detours.” How intriguing is that, right?


Look now, the bless-ed road rises to meet

feet, weary, uncertain, but sure

of steps yet untaken that, parting, greet

a step, one step, from that step. Intentions pure

where hinted there evidences of worn

and bent, slow and plod with care

the stoneway moss from feet unshorn.

It now draws this one from here to there

and back, or not? Perhaps to see once more

the trace of place and diligence where

friend not seen for to strength restore.

Beyond this hill, that rock, another vale

to part from us the sure, the safe, the soft

and bring once more the promise of tale,

of song, of new and now and hope aloft.

As turns the way from risk to gift

she bids one turn and, unflinching, face

the way unmarked by mark-ed feet, swift

to lead not ahead or behind, but grace

the name of he who draws, and we who strain

the path we sought, we find again.


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