Across the Pond Publications

Across the Pond Publications is the name of my wife, Rae Kenny’s, new website, soon to be unveiled. After numerous painstaking years of dedication, toil, tears, and laughter, she has nearly finished writing her first novel, “Miss-Adventured.”

Wren (Rae) Kenny…I get to sleep with her!

What now? Well, that’s the question really, isn’t it. We hope to see it published in 2020. On my other website is featured a new page designed specifically to house all things Wren Kenny (her pen name). 

I share here the link to that page upon which you may avail yourself to a free chapter one of Miss-Adventured. Please visit, hang out awhile, root around and see if there is anything else of interest to you. If so, consider joining me in my literary journey, the better part of which is my lovely wife’s unique imagination. 

Yours in the turning of pages…R



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