Where earth meets sky

On October 11th I will celebrate 11 years sober. A particularly difficult challenge was posting my struggle online for everyone to see. That said, I know I am not alone here. Since it was the most popular series I’ve shared so far and to commemorate my 11th on the 11th, I begin a process of reblogging these pieces. If you find yourself somewhere in this sordid tale, you are not alone and you are loved.


He stumbled back to his office barely remembering the way, a path oft trod in the past three years. The hallway narrowed ominously with each fumbling step. The lights seemed more like taunting stars in some unknown sky. This familiar heaviness in his soul was peppered with liberal amounts of fear and doubt and pestered a conscience, dulled and thin. His life had become one big bungee jump of risk versus survival into which joy, let alone hope, was not allowed. At least that had been his inner narrative for more years than he could remember.

He managed to sprawl himself into his spinning office chair with a careless groan. An even more insidious narrative played within, tapes well-worn that had become his fair-weather companions. “I’m fine”, he said to himself, “if I stay here just a while longer, this will wear off and no one will be the wiser.”…

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