Conversing Through Conversations


As any writer will tell you, “write, eat, sleep, write, rinse, repeat.” I am as much scripturiant* as I am anything else. Writing has become for me, prayer. Through it I expose my thoughts, first to myself, then to a watching (and sometimes unsuspecting) world. I like to think of myself as a diamond in the rough. Who wouldn’t given the many not so glamorous alternatives? Hence, my writing has a kind of…edge to it. Informative? Yes, I suppose. Transformative? Certainly for me. Honest? As much as possible. What that means is that one will find me easily enough hiding among my words,. But it’s what I don’t say and how I don’t say it that will, more often than not, give me up to those wiser than I who see through my cynical facade.


One of the ways I’ve been invited to live with a life-with-my-pants-down honesty is through a blog for which I’ve been contributing the past few months: Conversations. It has been refreshing to participate with some very fine people in plumbing the depths of the Christian spiritual enterprise together. This has been an honor and privilege for a guy like me – frequently disarming, leaning a little Southpark in my philosophical pathos and MLK in my political one, but polite when I need to be. Senior editor, writer, spiritual director and friend (well, so far at least!), Tara Owens, has taken a real chance on me. For this I could not be more humbled and happy.

For you followers of my blog(s), I am so deeply grateful and want to share with you the pieces I’ve proudly contributed to this fine blog and invite you to join me there even as you’ve done so faithfully here. Thus begins a journey of Conversing Through Conversations…part 1.


Hopefully, you’ll like my pieces enough to check out others and perhaps…subscribe?


*Scripturiant: (those possessing a compulsion to write)

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2 thoughts on “Conversing Through Conversations

  1. You’ve been busy! I’ve been away – I’m getting caught up in all areas, not the least of which is my blogging community. I’ll try to stumble by and check you out on this new enterprise of yours!


    1. Thanks, Melody. I’ve never been good at “self-promotion”, whatever that is ultimately. I’m trying to coagulate my online persona some and offer people more opportunity to various resources: writing, poetry, liturgy, songs, sheet music and arrangements…the gamut. Yeehaaaw!


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