4 thoughts on “Blessed Are the Weird Ones

  1. It is this very moniker that has caused me to both rest and wrestle with the wisdom of the enneagram’s ‘4’ characteristics. I was formed outside mainstream in nearly every way. There is nothing about “weird” that is, on its face, enticing to me. In fact, it is anathema. And yet I find myself otherwise seated squarely at the center of the accursed 4-space! Who will deliver me from this body of death…? Woe is me. Indeed! Ha! “Thanks for the afternoon’s levity,” says she who
    has lived long enough to finally take her maudlin self less gravely.

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    1. I will never again apologize for being E-4. I suppose it’s part of a growing self-love/acceptance I’m experiencing. Partly because E-4s have so damn much to offer the world, as long as they stay out of their heads and lead with their hearts!

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      1. I’m a step or two behind you on the path, and receiving more and more freedom as I surrender to Love. Your comment about leading from the heart held booming resonance. It has helped me to discern next steps on more than one occasion in recent days. Grateful.

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