Maidin Paidir – Luain

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This title is not so cryptic (or shamelessly hipster) as you might imagine. Rather, it is the not-so-original title of this new series entitled simply, Morning Prayer in Gaelic. This is of course, Luain, or Monday.

On this grey, rain-damp morning in Yakima – a rare, but gratefully received, occurrence in this geography – I offer up a new series of simple, daily morning prayers.

My intention for these prayers is that goodness, grace, and presence may result, if only long enough to bridge our awake-ness with awareness.

May just enough grime from the windshield of our lives be wiped away by a few words to the God who sees us through and in spite of it.



God of first things,

don’t stay in the queue we impose on you

to accommodate our tiny desires.

Erase our pages of want,

if only to satiate the thirst

we didn’t know we had.

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