God’s calligraphy – a prayer

My post concerning my ongoing prayer experiment has been a particularly popular one. My guess is that it touches a certain “soft spot” among seekers out there just like me who yearn for the rediscovery of something: contemplative prayer and how to get there. I’m thankful I am not taking this journey alone but do so with a myriad of others just as thirsty as I to reclaim what was lost at the Reformation and sealed up tight post-Enlightenment…mystery

This was the post-post prayer that I added. I’ll let it speak here on its own. I trust it does just that…speak.

Shalom, dear ones

Lord, fashion, in slow calligraphy, your name

in a once-stone heart, broken now as sand.

Spit out the bones of my old, gristled soul revivified on your tongue,

reattached to the sinews of your own holy arm. 

Sear the brand of white hot remembrance into the skin of my brazen back

so that only those I lead can see it.

In the wordless chatter of our silent conversations,

bring up the topics closest to your heart that breaks so much easier than mine.

Let the voices of a hundred thousand saints

crowd out the stifling arrogance of my solitary blethering.

And into that holy community of singing silence,

sing, Holy One, sing.

Chinese word for 'love'
Chinese word for ‘love’


Picture found here.

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