Evangelical drama needs Mainline experience

Like, Rev. Parker, I too am weary of the constant “exchange” among Evangelicalism and the Mainline. Now, as a post-Evangelical-non-Evangelical, but still needing the voice it brings to my own experience, I can sit back with a bit more objectivity and…listen.

The Millennial Pastor

high-schoolThese days, Evangelicalism makes me feel old. And tired.

The week that Phil Robertson was suspended, I was preparing for the funeral of a 16-month old girl killed in a car crash. The week he was re-instated, I was preparing for a funeral of man who took his own life, leaving 3 young children behind.

Throughout the last few months as a famous pastor was accused of plagiarism, as the Pope was called a marxist, as the issue of the role of women in Evangelicalism continued to rage, as the war on Christmas rolled into full force, it just made me tired.

I watched as progressive Evangelicals bemoaned the state of their tribe. As some called for schism, as others resolved to quit fighting about it, even others thought about leaving altogether,  and still others spoke thoughtfully into the cacophony that is…

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