Morning Prayer

Dear God in heaven,

you dwell equally on either side of Eden

and help us find our place as people of a new day.

Lord most high, we celebrate you this morning.

We celebrate your great love for all creation.

We celebrate your compassion shown to us in the face of Jesus, your son.

We celebrate that, in his name,

we are adopted into the family of heaven and given all the benefits

of living in the unapproachable light of your peaceable kingdom.

We celebrate, today as every day that,

when we were still in the darkness of sin, Jesus came to lift us out.

And more than that, he came to spend his life among we who are lowly, base, uneven, crass, needy-

revealing what kingdom life was intended to be.

* * *

We worship you today, Lord,

not out of obligation but because our hearts are compelled to do so out of love.

* * *

We worship, today, Father,

because you did not leave us to die in our sin or drown in our pain,

but in compassion, you revealed yourself and your desires for us by means of your sacrificial gift in Jesus.

* * *

We worship you, Jesus,

because you willingly gave all you had to give and more that we might live and more abundantly.

By your life you provide an iconic picture

into the dangerous and beautiful collision of heaven and earth.

* * *

We invite you, Holy Spirit,

to lead us deeper into this kingdom life and into that fellowship with God we so eagerly desire.

Refresh our souls like the morning dew resting lightly on grasses fit for holy feet.


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