I miss these people more than I can say.


I have journeyed with these people since September, 2008, at which time we embarked on a wild ride into the spiritual formation labyrinth together via a Master of Arts program through Spring Arbor University. We graduated in May, 2011.

This was what I originally posted after our final residency in Malibu (yes, California, where we suffered immeasurably even as the prophets before us). I miss them.

The “Conspirators” we call ourselves, based loosely on Eugene Peterson’s notion of subversive spirituality; that which weaves itself as an unstoppable force in faithful lives, moving deftly under the radar. We’re setting out to dethrone evil and injustice in the world while people are looking the other way and we’ve set a goal of becoming more like Jesus. Were I to forget everything read, spoken, thought or written, them I could not. They are Jesus to me. In them I “get” God; through them…

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