I’ll Carry You: Companions On the Dark Journey

Just recognizing how utterly dependent I am on the companionship and wisdom of others.


He no longer knew the day. There was no more separation between the sweet, calm of morning light and the creeping fingers of night. All had turned to the grey ooze of nothingness. For him there was only the long, unending dark of time’s unwieldy march onward, onward, ever onward – the relentlessness of burning necessity. All that once was had thrust its long, oily arm down his parched throat and wrenched from him all remaining strength. Hope was but a word, void of substance, reality’s parody of happier men in better days.

Or so it seemed.

There was another; a soul knit to him not by mere chance, but by sheer devotion. It was the kind of centripetal friendship known only among the angels and those about to face their doom. The lostness of his friend only served to drive deeper the tent peg of determination into the heart…

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3 thoughts on “I’ll Carry You: Companions On the Dark Journey

  1. krazykiwi

    I believe our mate Rob is a true Bard of old & new… a gifted keeper of tradition, of the memory of the New World Celtic tribes – a custodian of the sacredness of the Word. In the famous words of William Blake:

    O Hear the voice of the Bard
    Who present, past and future sees
    Whose ears have heard the holy Word
    That walked among the ancient trees…
    First Song of Experience

    What a blessing his gifting is to us all! Luaidh a’ Tighearna!

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