Where earth meets sky – the beginning of the end of the beginning

Thanks for taking this journey with me into dark, yet hopeful territory.


It was quite possibly the longest, most awkward car ride either of them had ever endured. Pastor Kent drove him home from the conference and used it as an opportunity to voice, loudly and repeatedly,  his overwhelming sense of disappointment, hurt, humiliation, betrayal and just plain mess. Now, his would be the role of fielding nosy calls, inquiring as to the dramatic change in the music minister or “something I just heard.” His would be the task of chairing those ever-so-delightful follow up meetings with the church board at which his plan for healing and reconciliation would be mapped out. His would be the unwelcome experience of eating crow in the face of board members who were among those who voted not to hire him in the first place.

His anger was ripe, raw and very real. But, his victim willingly succumbed to the verbal whipping since he had already…

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2 thoughts on “Where earth meets sky – the beginning of the end of the beginning

  1. Lois M Keffer


    I loved this series the first time I read it. So proud of you. So glad you told your story with straightforward determination, not plumbing the depths of your erudite vocabulary when plain words were clearly called for.

    Both times I’ve read these entries I’ve wondered what drove you to self-drowning in a sea of alcohol. You obviously don’t have to answer! But a bit of prologue, even a very sketchy one, would grant these powerful pieces even more whelming (why is it always overwhelming? 🙂 ) impact.

    You know, I just can’t stop editing great stuff. I’ve been working on a trio of historical westerns based in my family’s history for a decade now. I can’t just write something informative and uplifting. I’m forever trying to turn them into real literaturethe great American novel. I drive myself nuts.

    Love you, man.



    1. Thank you so much, Lois. How gratified I am whenever my story is meaningful in some way. I’m seriously considering what a book might look like and, if I did, it would feature this series as a centerpiece. Prologue? Hmm, not a bad idea.


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