An ironic request…


So, here’s the thing. I write a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. Spiritual stuff mostly. Stuff that relates to the life of faith and the common spiritual life to which Christ calls us and into which he seeks to mold us. Blogs are vastly insufficient platforms in which to discuss such matters. But, they’re a start. Patheos, a totally cool place seeking to head such discussions has begun an online initiative to help people find “top Christian blogs.”

Because being one of no reputation is what the Christian spiritual life is about, I’m asking, ironically, for you to consider voting for me on their site. If you do, your skin will glisten like Edward’s in Twilight, your teeth will outshine Joel Osteen’s, your abs will suddenly line up in 2 rows of 3 each, and your derriere will dance like two eggs in a hanky. Thanks for your ongoing support of my blog and…for voting, which can be done right here.

; ^  )

Humbly yours (no, really), R

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