God is there – a litany

As a contemporary liturgist for some years now it has been my job to help congregations experience their God and express their spiritual journey in corporate worship. Sometimes that has meant developing new ways of saying old things. The following is a short litany I’ve used on many occasions, sometimes as an aid to prayer, sometimes as a call to worship, other times simply for common reflection on the nearness of God. I pray that it is inspiring, or, at least…useful in some way.

When day moves into night and the seasons each stake their four quarter claim,

God is there.

When sadness, death and pain becoming the defining characteristics of our path,

God is there.

When God puts a new song in our mouth, a song of praise to our God,

God is there.

When words no longer come and shutters are drawn on lonely minds,

God is there.

When youthfulness reigns in life and limb and lingers in our days,

God is there.

When communities succumb to individualism and self-talk,

God is there.

When the common grace given us all finds voice among us and I  becomes we,

God is there.

Through all our days, our joys, our pain, our defeats, our triumphs, our lives,

God is there. 


God is here.

2 thoughts on “God is there – a litany

  1. I am just beginning to understand what liturgy and litany is… and how it is part of my spiritual pathway. Thank you for this example that immediately becomes personal and yet congregational. Lovely.


    1. Lesley-Anne, the liturgical journey is one all Christians are on in some capacity. It has become, quite profoundly, my calling, my destiny, my passion and is shaping who I am becoming.


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